Chicago 2014


Hi Everyone!!

Wow.  What a crazy year!  Since this awesome, spontaneous trip back in 2014, I have completed my Bachelor of Science (Electronic Media) in December of 2015, had major surgery to remove my thyroid–that decided to break down and cause all sorts of havoc with my body–last Christmas, and am now recovering while applying to positions that will give me the opportunity to continue to improve and practice my skill.

This little project has been waiting patiently in the sidelines and I enjoyed creating this little story of this adventure Shavonne and I went on together.  It helps that I am completely obsessed with the band, Daughter, and their amazing music inspired the video. (Love you guys!)

So many wonderful moments here–cannot wait for our next little adventure!

Go. Enjoy a moment.


Been a LONG while!


Hi Peeps!!

Terribly sorry for the long absence, but I am back now!  😛

It’s my last semester in college and have an awesome internship at Austin Film Festival–then in the midst of all that I got sick with an over active thyroid!  Just like luck eh?   Well I am not letting it bring me down!!

Here is a little commercial my fellow mates and I made for our Directing for Film class!  I hope you all enjoy!

Go.  Enjoy a moment.

Videographer: Ryan Sultemeier
Talent & Director: Rachel Smith
Editor/Talent/Narrator: Vieve Taylor

Demo Reel!! 

Bobcat Update, Editing, Personal, TV News

To complete my Bacholer’s Degree in Mass Communication with a focus in Electronic Media at Texas State University one has to present a Demo Reel to even QUALIFY to apply for graduation!  When I completed this for my TV News: Bobcat Update final I was excited– one step closer to my goal.  This reel has my TV promo The Project that I shared with you all previously, so I hope you don’t mind watching again! 🙂

Go. Enjoy a moment.

Silent Suffering–My First Documentary.

Editing, Personal, Visual Storytelling

Hiya Everyone!

Life has been a whirlwind this last month of moving, finals, looking for a job, more finals, getting a new job! WHEW!  Even though I had all these things to accomplish I still had plenty of fun and learned so much on this project.  I hope this reaches many and can help even one person who may stumble across my website.

A pan, a tilt, a track, a push, and a b-roll montage!

Editing, Personal, Photography, Visual Storytelling

This is one of my little exercises for my Visual Storytelling class!! We were to choose a subject and show our knowledge of basic camera moves.  Then cut together to show a series of static shots that begin wide and get closer and closer to the key subject of the scene.  My subject? Kitties!

Go. Enjoy a moment.


Texas State University: Bobcat Update! 

Bobcat Update, Editing, TV News

After a lifetime of struggle with most subjects–in Television News: Bobcat Update–I found something, that not only I loved to do!!  The confidence I was given in my ability to edit the CNN pieces truly inspired me to continue to practice in my editing abilities.  I learned a lot this past year about myself and what I want to do with my life and Bobcat Update was a great experience I’ll never forget. 

Go. Enjoy a moment.

Personal Story

Editing, Personal, Visual Storytelling

This new year at Texas State University I began my Visual Storytelling class and– simply put– I love it!!   To start the semester we did a story over an important decision we had to make in our life.  The audio turned out a little weird, but with my busy schedule I have not had time to fix–though I still wanted to share with you all!!

Go. Enjoy a moment.